Naughty Girl to Adorable Gang z Czanca

14/01/2016 Breeder: Anna Dzit Owner: Stelios Karamitsos

Sire: CHPL-BG Amaretto di Amore Alikana

Dam: JCH Wredna Pindzia z Czanca

Patella: 0/0

BAER: Normal

Heart: Normal

JHC: Clear by parents









Naughty our sweet last import from Poland she is came to our kennel because of my stubbornness and faith to perfection !

She is intended to be Vito's partner with wich have the same grandfathers ( DC and Ax ) but she have also as a grandmother the great Comtesse Alikana by Emy Stars ! For the record Vito and Naughty have totally 7 World wins from them grandparnts !

But most of all , Naughty is the sweeteest girl , with cofindence but absolutlly friendly character for all our and other's dogs ! And this is her most important characteristic for our family's gang !